Jey&em - Smart Luggage and Accessories

Forward Industries team has worked in close collaboration with the start-up Jey&em to develop and manufacture their unique carry-on luggage with a click-on laptop case and its ecosystem of accessories.

The main goal of the collaboration was to manufacture two short series and after scaling up to a larger production. These iterations allowed Jey&em to test the product with real users and gain feedback that was implemented in the next batch.

Forward manufactured and sourced the following aspects:

  • Smart Polycarbonate carry-on Luggage
  • Magnetic click-on laptop case
  • Power bank, USB cord and Bluetooth tracker (these items were sourced)
  • Various smaller accessories such as laundry bag, packaging, and luggage protective sleeve.

“The collaboration was pleasant and efficient, Forward’s team was very responsive creating the multiple iterations that we needed to reach the market with an optimal product.”

Juliana Barbosa – Co-Founder of Jey&em